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BRVA Sand Program

2023 Spring and Summer Beach Info (Proposed)

Group Day Time Costs
Session 1 T/TH 6:00-8:00 $1200
Session 2 M/W 5:00-6:30 $1000
Session 3 M/W 6:30-8:00 $1000

Times will change when we have more daylight


David White

BRVA Sand Director and Coach

Phone: 540-664-7624

Joy White

Program Coordinator and Coach

Phone: 540-664-1048

Bill Pifer

Parent Rep and Committee Chair

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Beach FAQ

Do you have to play indoor club volleyball with Blue Ridge in order to play BRVA Beach? 

No, anyone can attend tryouts.

Does your indoor club season need to be completed, before trying out for Beach? 

No, anyone can attend tryouts! We will do our best to accommodate the end of the indoor season for other clubs. There are large outdoor events early in the season, so we would like to start training asap for those available.

Do you have to attend all the tournaments and practices? 

No, you choose which tournaments to attend.  

Do you have to have volleyball experience to try out for beach volleyball?  

Yes, basic skills are needed, so some competitive club or middle school experience is recommended.  You do NOT have to have doubles/sand experience.  

What if a player is 13U or 15U for indoors, based on USAV age guidelines?  

If a player is 13U, then he/she would play 14U in beach volleyball.  If a player is 15U, then he/she would play 16U in beach volleyball. However, this does not stop athletes from playing up a division (they are not allowed to play down).

How are partners chosen for tournaments?

Players may pair themselves for tournaments; however, coaches will make recommendations for the best pairings.   

Will you always have the same partner for every tournament? 

No, there may be partner switching based on tournament results and availability. 

Will you do additional clinics?

Yes, we will be offering extra clinics during the spring/summer for both beginner and advanced players. These are not included in the player fees. 

Who will register teams for tournaments? 

This season, the parents will be responsible for registration to all events. BRVA staff will be happy to help assist where needed. We have reduced the fees this year but shifted some of the responsibility to the parents and partners.  

Who makes hotel reservations for beach tournaments? 

Players are responsible for their own hotel and travel expenses. 

How does beach volleyball differ from indoor volleyball?

Beach volleyball is played with 2 people on a smaller court.  Some of the rules are different, and an outdoor ball is used for beach that can vary from tournament to tournament.  

What do players wear for beach volleyball?  

Practice attire will be shorts or spandex with a tank top or shirt. Tournament dress is based on the tournament rules. 

What BRVA gear is included in the player fees?  

tank top, shorts, t-shirt

What additional items do you need for beach volleyball? 

Sunglasses, sunscreen, hat or visor, cooler with plenty of water and snacks, sand socks, change of clothes, towel, umbrella or tent for shade.