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Rules and Guidelines

Practice Rules

  • You are expected to attend every practice.  Of course, illness and other unforeseen circumstances may prevent you from attending every practice.  When one player misses a practice, it affects the entire team.
  • Contact the coach in advance to let he/she know that you will be missing a practice or part of a practice.  Coaches develop practice plans for drills and activities according to the number of players in attendance.
  • Arrive to practice at least 15-20 minutes early in order to get your shoes and knee pads on, fill your water bottle and warm up.

Tournament Rules

  • Each girl will play in every tournament but not every set or match.  Playing time will be based on performance, attendance, and attitude.
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated either on or off the court by players or parents.
  • All players will remain until the end of a tournament until the team is done playing, working or cleaning up.
  • We will leave our camping area spotless.
  • Be aware of our play and work times.
  • Overnight tournaments in a hotel will have additional rules, like a curfew – TBD


Tournament Survival Guide

All tournaments are run differently but there are a few basic guidelines that you should know. 

  • Start and end times will vary.  Most tournaments start between 8-9am and last the entire day.
  • Be aware that some tournaments charge an admission fee for spectators.   
  • Tournaments will usually consist of a 4 or 5 team pool. Pool play is usually followed by a single elimination playoff. Again, this will vary depending on the tournament format.  Teams will be required to supply referees, line judges and score keepers. All team members are expected to stay at the tournament until excused by the coaching staff. 
  • You will find that often there is not adequate seating at the event so it is a good idea to invest in a portable fold-up canvas chair. They come in handy when the bleachers are full, or there are no bleachers. 
  • The temperature in the facility is often unpredictable - sometimes cold, sometimes steaming. Bring clothing for both players and spectators to cover each extreme. 
  • Most tournaments provide some form of food concessions. Some tournaments do not allow carry-ins.  It will usually be stated in the tournament information you receive if the site does not allow for carry-in food and drink.
  • Please remember that while we are in a competitive environment, we still need to abide by the USA Volleyball code of behavior. Referees will make mistakes, but it is unlikely a team will ever lose due to officiating. Please support officiating decisions, even if you feel they are incorrect. Players are normally keeping score and line judging and trying to do their best. Support them as well as they work hard to be correct.